Review of the Most Popular Auto Insurance Companies

When you think about auto insurance companies, what do you think of? Are there certain names that you instantly think of when the topic is auto insurance? If not, here are some to consider:

One of the first and most well-known nationwide insurers is Geico. With an array of products and services, Geico caters to an extremely broad customer base. Its long-standing name and familiar logos have made it a trusted brand in the property and casualty industry. Geico’s budget is also a key consideration when considering their financial stability. The company has not published its profit for three years. While this may be a concern for some, the ability to remain in business despite tough times provides reassurance to shareholders.

Another provider is National Brand. Like many of the other providers mentioned in this article, National Brand offers a wide variety of coverage products. They have several discount plans for various vehicle types and a number of general driver coverage products as well. While National Brand is a well-known name, their financial stability raises questions about their ability to continue their strong streak of profitability.

Another financially sound company is AMICO. AMICO has been a consistent winner over the past two decades, consistently outpacing its competitors. Their consistent financial growth is owed largely to their consistent high level of service to their customers, as well as their wide range of car insurance coverage options. A comprehensive AMICO car insurance overview offers many positives to their policyholders.

Perhaps the most well-known and dominant insurance company in the United States is AIG. Founded in 1932, AIG is a giant in the investment banking and investment securities field. AIG is one of the biggest players in the world in terms of issuing stock through the equity method and has a stellar reputation in the industry. AIG is also home to several well-known individuals, including multiple Fortune 500 CEOs. AIG offers several different insurance options, including homeowner and vehicle coverage, and their focus on savings should not be ignored.

One final company worth mentioning is United Auto Insurance. United Auto Insurance was founded in 1978 and is now one of the more well-known auto insurance provider choices in the nation. The company sells policies in almost all the states in the United States, including Texas and New Mexico, and has several locations nationwide. A review of the policies offered by this provider offers several key points and should be studied closely by anyone seeking the best coverage for their needs.

Author: Trimwell