Mandatory Car Insurance Lawsuits

Today, in reading what you must know regarding the United States Constitution can really help you out when trying to understand mandatory car insurance in the state of California. First, let s get some of your mind-set straight: you are not the first individual to think that mandatory car insurance is blatantly unconstitutional. However, many different drivers across the United States have fought against mandatory car insurance laws in court across the United States. In some cases, the Supreme Court has even refused to hear cases dealing with mandatory car insurance laws. The fact is that mandatory car insurance laws have been around for a long time. They were established in order to protect the individual from the abuses of insurance companies and to prevent insurance fraud.

So, how exactly did we get to the point that mandatory car insurance was implemented? In the early part of this century, auto insurance was not something most people required, nor even something they liked. Car owners simply obeyed the laws wherever they went, even if those laws had no basis or were blatantly unfair. However, auto insurance did become a mandatory law for many states in the early part of this decade. Some states even mandated that drivers carry a certain level of bodily injury and property damage coverage as well.

This means that every state requires a certain minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage coverage before drivers can purchase auto insurance in that state. This is a rather nonsensical policy and one that is designed to benefit no one. On top of this, mandatory car insurance laws often require drivers to obtain coverage from their employers as well. This means that all drivers are subject to this absurd rule- even if they work for an employer that does not require automobile coverage!

There are some states that actually have mandated rights for drivers. For instance, in Florida drivers are required to purchase uninsured motorist coverage- this means that if they are in an accident with another individual who is uninsured they will be responsible for all damages. This is obviously a good thing for all drivers, since no one wants to get involved in a fatal accident and end up having to pay for the damages out-of-pocket. However, mandatory car insurance coverage laws do not do anything to benefit drivers in these situations. In fact, they are quite the opposite!

However, there are still states that do mandate that drivers carry car insurance coverage limits. Some states require that drivers carry more than the state’s minimum liability limits. Other states require drivers to carry coverage limits that are higher than the state’s average limits. This is completely illogical, because statistics clearly show that drivers with higher levels of personal injury and property damage coverage generally cost less to insure. Therefore, it makes no sense to mandate high levels of coverage limits if insurance costs will be higher as a result.

Car insurance laws also vary greatly from state to state. Therefore, it is best to speak to a qualified insurance agent who can answer your questions about mandatory coverage limits or whether a car insurance policy is even needed in your state. Not all drivers qualify for a liability limit reduction. The best way to find out is to ask your agent. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so always make sure that your insurance agent knows everything you are required to carry in your state.

Author: Trimwell