What to Do If You Are Notified After an Auto Accident

One of the most common questions that accident victims and their families ask is, “Can I receive an insurance company notification after an auto accident”? The short answer to this question is, “yes”. In most states, you are entitled to a personal notification (also known as a Notice of Intent) in order to provide you with certain information. This information typically includes the name of the insurance company, a contact phone number and the insurance agent who handled your case. Generally, this notification is sent to you within forty-eight hours of the accident.

If you live in a state that does not require a Notice of Intent before you can sue the insurance provider, the process for getting one should be pretty simple. In many cases, you will simply need to schedule a meeting with an insurance attorney or representative to discuss your case. They will then go over the paperwork necessary to process your claim. At that time, they will inform you of the process for receiving a personal notification. They may also suggest options for you to consider.

The main reason that a person should receive a Notice of Intent before they file a personal injury claim is so that they have the opportunity to back out of a settlement with their insurance provider. Many people are too focused on recovering from the damage caused by the accident and do not realize that they are not covered adequately. Therefore, they may submit a claim for a lower amount than what they believe their insurance policy should cover. If a person later decides that the amount of coverage they received was insufficient, they will have the opportunity to request that their insurance provider to give them a company notification.

In addition to obtaining a Notice of Intent, you may also want to talk to an auto accident attorney about filing a lawsuit. The attorney can make sure that you have everything in order to ensure that you have everything in place to win your case. It is important to remember that there are usually statute of limitations on lawsuits. Therefore, you should not wait until your lawsuit has a year or more left on it before you start filing.

If you are filing a personal injury claim, you should never pay an insurance provider until you receive a Notice of Intent. This will help you be prepared for all of the paperwork that is involved in the process. If you have received such a notice, you should contact your insurance provider immediately and request that they send you any documents that they are missing. If they refuse to do so, you should contact a qualified attorney who will be able to help you retrieve those documents. This process is much less time consuming if you know what to expect and how to respond to it.

It is very important to have your automobile accident claims filed within the correct period of time. For instance, most states require that you wait three years before you can apply for compensation. However, many of them have a five-year limit. It is always important to take all the steps necessary to ensure that you receive the best possible compensation from your insurance company or from another insurance provider.

Author: Trimwell