Why Should You Buy Your Auto And Home Insurance Bundle?

Bundling your home and auto insurance together is an extremely convenient method to shave hundreds off your insurance costs. Fortunately, most major insurance providers now offer package discounts, which are usually among the best home and auto insurance discounts you can receive. To receive your discount, all you need to do is contact your provider and ask about their discount program. Most companies will gladly offer you a discount for making all your insurance purchases through them. Here’s how:

Many consumers don’t realize that they can receive many benefits by bundling their home and auto premiums. For instance, by buying your auto policy online you are able to enjoy many benefits including nationwide discounts and no waiting periods. When you bundle your home and auto premiums, you often get a lower rate and save money instantly. Here are a few of the best home and auto premiums bundles available:

Most consumers don’t take the time to search through all the various home insurance quotes they can get online. By going with a nationwide discount provider, you eliminate the hassle of driving all over town trying to gather insurance quotes. Instead, once you’re ready to purchase your coverage you simply give them your personal information and they’ll provide you with several home insurance quotes from several different insurance providers. By shopping around, you’ll be sure to find the cheapest quote for the exact coverage you need. This is often a better solution than paying higher home insurance rates for coverage you might not need.

Some people assume that by purchasing your home and auto coverage through the same insurance company you will automatically receive a discount on both types of coverage. While this can sometimes be true, you may still wind up paying more overall due to the fact that your car is worth less. With bundling, however, you only pay for one premium rather than paying each for your home and auto policies. The savings you make with bundling are typically between five and ten percent of the amount you would have paid if you purchased your coverage separately. In addition, when you bundle, you usually benefit from a per-claim discount which means you’ll be able to file a claim on a single claim rather than on each separate policy.

Finally, you’ll always get the best deal by buying auto and home policies bundled together. It’s a benefit that other companies can only offer to their most valuable customers. When you purchase both your car and homeowners insurance from one company, you benefit from multiple discounts. This makes your total policy less expensive.

Hopefully this article has given you some good reasons why you should consider purchasing your insurance policies through Best Home and Auto Insurance Brokers. Keep in mind, however, that there are still many important things you need to consider before you make a decision. For example, you need to decide whether bundling is right for you. Also, you need to consider the pros and cons of either using a traditional agent or an online broker. Lastly, it’s important to remember that you must compare your policies before making your final decision. You won’t know what you’re getting into until you compare!

Author: Trimwell