Traffic Tickets For Not Auto Insurance – The Consequences Don’t Affect Your Premiums

Traffic violations can occur for a variety of reasons, including foolish decisions, fleeting thoughts, or even a police cruiser flashing lights. In such a case, drivers may fear that the result will be a spike in their insurance rates. However, traffic violations for not auto insurance don’t have an immediate effect on your premiums. In this article, you’ll learn about the consequences of these offenses without affecting your premiums.

Although your ticket for not auto insurance will not be dismissed, there are ways to fight the charge. If you have insurance, but the police officer hasn’t seen it, you can present it to the court. If the police officer is not convinced, you can get the charge dismissed. This is especially true if you can show him proof of insurance. If the police officer doesn’t believe you have insurance, they may issue a warrant for your arrest.

The consequences of not having auto insurance are severe. If you’re pulled over for not having insurance, you can lose your license and risk facing serious consequences. In New York, drivers who are caught without insurance may be required to pay a $750 fine. The fine for this violation isn’t even included in the reinstatement fee. You may have to wait an entire year before you can get your license back. In some cases, the fine is even higher than your original traffic ticket.

While it’s easy to fight a traffic ticket for not auto insurance, you have to be aware of the penalties associated with this violation. The penalties can vary from state to state. First-time offenders may have their license suspended, and they could also face a suspension of their license plates and registration. Moreover, repeat offenders may have their vehicle impounded or towed. Even though traffic tickets for not auto insurance are expensive, it’s important to be aware of the consequences.

While speeding tickets are rare and rarely cause an accident, they can add up quickly and significantly increase the premium of their auto insurance. This can increase their premiums because they reflect bad judgment. Therefore, drivers should try to avoid traffic tickets at all costs. If they’ve already received several, they should immediately contact their insurance company. Most companies will waive the excess or reduce the premiums of their policy. So, how can you avoid paying higher premiums if you’ve already been charged with traffic tickets for not auto insurance?

Another consequence of traffic tickets for not auto insurance is the suspension of their license. However, this depends on the state’s laws. If the penalty is high enough, the suspended license may be withdrawn. A suspension may also lead to additional penalties, like hefty fines. The best way to avoid the consequences of a traffic ticket for not auto insurance is to contact an experienced NY traffic crime attorney. Your attorney can help you fight the charges and negotiate a lesser penalty.

Author: Trimwell