Auto Insurance Claims Abroad

You can make auto insurance claims abroad in a number of ways. If you are fortunate enough to have a car, the easiest is using your home insurance to cover an overseas trip. Most auto insurance companies will give you an overseas premium which can be used towards covering the costs of an auto insurance claim when you are abroad.

However, if your car is not portable or if it is not large enough, you could consider taking out a policy that would allow you to drive your car within the EU. There are certain countries that do not recognise the rights to drive vehicles on their roads if they have been imported into the country and these include certain countries like Ireland. If you are willing to take this route, you can use your home insurance to cover the cost of the premiums. You may also be able to use an import discount to bring down the cost of the premium. Many auto insurance claims abroad will be successful with a temporary visa.

Another way that you can make auto insurance claims abroad is to contact the motor insurance company of the country in which you are visiting. Some companies may actually have policies that cover auto insurance claims abroad – check with them before proceeding with any claim. While you may be restricted by the language barrier, remember that there are a number of companies out there who speak English as a first language. So get in touch with them!

If none of these solutions work out for you, there are other things you can do to make auto insurance claims abroad easier. Try speaking to friends or colleagues who have recently made an auto insurance claim in the country in which you are travelling. Often you will be able to learn from their experience. Alternatively, you can go online and do some research into what to expect from the insurer and how to get the most out of your policy.

If you’ve already tried all the above and your auto insurance claims abroad still come to nothing, you may need to go to the authorities. The embassy or consulate of the country in which you made the claim may well be able to help you with anything to do with filing a claim, although you may need to arrange transportation there yourself. In certain countries, you may even be able to claim money directly from the embassy or consulate. Just ask!

Finally, if all else fails, you can always try to make an auto insurance claim in person. Remember to keep copies of any receipts or documents you may be required to provide to the insurer. And always ensure that you have all the relevant documentation on hand! This should help you with any problems that may arise