What to Do About Auto Insurance Claims

How does auto insurance claims work? It is natural to feel pretty shocked after a vehicle accident or even having your vehicle stolen. After the initial shock wears off, it s time to tackle the not-so FUN part of filing an auto insurance claim, filing a personal auto insurance claim. What are the things you need to consider in filing auto insurance claims? Read on to know them all!

The first and most important thing you need to know about auto insurance claims is that the only way to file for compensation is through your insurance company’s claims adjuster. Your claims adjuster is the only one who can give you legal advice on how to file your claim. In the state of California, this is the California Department of Insurance. Once you have your claims adjuster, the real work begins. There are certain things that have to be done to get you a good settlement.

The first and foremost thing to be done is to document every step you take after the accident happens. You must keep track of every statement you make, from the time of the accident until the time of the settlement. Keep copies of every document you send to your auto insurance company. Make sure that you have your policy, receipts and documents with you before driving your vehicle again. This way, if anything goes wrong during the recovery process, you will have something to support your claim.

Next, you should decide what type of compensation you want. For instance, if you choose to make a ‘non-economic’ reimbursement claim, you will have more leeway in deciding the amount of coverage you need. This may also depend on the type of vehicle you have. If you choose a non-economic type of settlement offer, the insurance company should not contact you regarding this issue; however, you can expect to hear from them concerning any medical expenses that you incur.

Your agent or broker should also help you with this issue. They should tell you if the settlement offer is in your best interest, or if it is not. It is your job to tell them. You may find that it is best to consult an insurance claims adjuster because they may be able to look into your claim and make a better determination. However, if you do not know anything about auto insurance claims, your broker or agent may be able to look into it for you.

When you do receive a settlement offer from your insurer, you should be aware of your rights as an individual. You should read the fine print carefully, and if you are unsure about something, ask questions. If you take the above steps, you can rest assured that you have handled your claim in the best interest of your pocketbook and your vehicle.

Author: Trimwell